Currently, there are more than 60 different tetra-Boards which are constructed and tested. The boards are divided into 6 categories, each having a different color. There are categories Input, Logic & Arithmetic, Conversion & Coding, Memory & Counter, Output and Connection. In addition to the basic digital electronic boards, there are many additional boards: Analog electronics (sensors, amplifiers, ADC) and external outputs (relay, motor driver, power FET).

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Input (Yellow)

  • Buttons +

    The tetra-Board Buttons contains four buttons, which can be used for individual inputs from the user.
  • Jumper +

    The tetra-Board Jumper has the USB socket for the power supply and two different ports, which values can be set with jumpers.
  • Square Wave +

    The tetra-Board Square Wave is a clock generator for square wave signals. A jumper allows to select the frequency to 1, 10, 100 or 1000 Hz.
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Logic & Arithmetic (White)

  • Adder +

    The tetra-Board Adder connects two values of inputs to an output, so that the values are binary added. An additional port allows to set C0 and read C4 (Overflow), so that cascading is possible.
  • AND & NAND +

    The tetra-Board AND & NAND connects two inputs with an AND and an inverted AND (NAND).
  • Comparator +

    The tetra-Board Comparator compares two values of input ports and sets the output to the comparison result. The result shows, which value is bigger or if they are equal.
  • Inverter +

    The tetra-Board Inverter inverts signals from two ports and provides the result as output ports.
  • OR & NOR +

    The tetra-Board OR & NOR connects two inputs with an OR and an inverted OR (NOR).
  • XOR & XNOR +

    The tetra-Board XOR & XNOR connects two inputs with an exclusive OR (XOR) and an inverted XOR (XNOR).
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Conversion & Coding (Red)

  • Analog Multiplexer +

    The tetra-Board Analog Multiplexer allows the selection of one signal of a port for one output.
  • BCD 7-Segment-Display Decoder +

    The tetra-Board BCD 7-Segment-Display Decoder (short BCD 7SD Dec) is for the conversion of binary decimal values (BCD) to a 7-Segment display.
  • Decoder +

    The tetra-Board Decoder changes data from an input to two outputs and is the counterpart to the Encoder. This is a 3:8 Decoder.
  • Encoder +

    The tetra-Board Encoder is the counterpart to the Decoder and can convert two inputs to one output (8:3).
  • Multiplexer +

    The tetra-Board Multiplexer allows to select from two possible inputs to one output. For the selection the select input has to be switched.
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Memory & Counter (Black)

  • 12 Bit Counter +

    The tetra-Board 12 Bit Counter allows the binary counting up from 0 to 4095.
  • BCD Up/Down Counter +

    The tetra-Board BCD Up/Down Counter allows the loading of a value and the counting up or down from 0 to 9 (BCD) or vice versa.
  • Binary Up/Down Counter +

    The tetra-Board Binary Up/Down Counter allows the loading of a value and counting up or down from 0 to 15 and vice versa.
  • Counter +

    The tetra-Board Counter contains two counters, which count up with every signal edge.
  • Register +

    The tetra-Board Register allows to save data from two inputs.
  • Register File +

    The tetra-Board Register File allows the saving and reading of data in 4 separated files.
  • Universal Register +

    The tetra-Board Universal Register allows the loading, saving and shifting of data in a register.
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Output (Blue)

  • 7-Segment Display +

    The tetra-Board 7-Segment Display (short 7SD) allows to display data on a display. Together with a BCD 7SD Decoder you can display decimal digits.
  • Dot Matrix Display +

    The tetra-Board Dot Matrix Display allows to display dots on a display, row and column of the matrix are separated ports. If the column is high and the row low, the dot is lighting.
  • LED Display +

    The tetra-Board LED Display allows to display binary data on two separated ports A and B.
  • RGB LED & Buzzer +

    The tetra-Board RGB LED & Buzzer allows to show a color on a LED and the output of tones on a buzzer.
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Connection (Green)

  • Adapter +

    The tetra-Board Adapter allows the distribution of one input to several outputs. There are two separated channels A and B.
  • Arduino Shield +

    The tetra-Board Arduino Shield connects an Arduino to tetra-Boards. There are up to 4 ports A to D, which can be used as inputs or outputs.
  • Jumper Adapter +

    The tetra-Board Jumper Adapter allows the variable connection of ports.
  • Line Adapter +

    The tetra-Board Line Adapter allows adapting several boards and can be used together with a JK flip-flop for a counter.
  • Shift Adapter +

    The tetra-Board Shift Adapter combines ports and can be used for special purposes.
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Portfolio Modules

  • All
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Default
  • Title
  • Random
  • LED Display

    • Blue
  • Adder

    • White
  • Counter

    • Black
  • Button

    • Yellow
  • 7-Segment Decoder

    • Red
  • 7-Segment Display

    • Blue
  • Inverter

    • White
  • Register

    • Black
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